Saray G Uribe has been working in the insurance industry since 2006.


Being licensed in Property & Casualty, she worked in sales and service in the Charlotte metropolitan area in personal and commercial accounts. Dedicating her last few years to commercial lines accounts only, she has closely worked with small, mid-size, and large contractors in different sectors of the construction industry.


Saray holds the CPIA, CRIS, MLIS, and CIRE insurance designations.


Being fully bilingual, Saray can help many contractors and subcontractors whose primary language is Spanish. She can help with the understanding of their insurance policies and insurance needs in their language.


As a talented jazz piano player, she quotes, "Insurance is like a jazz harmony; the combination of chords creates the policy package, full of policy forms, coverages, limitations, endorsements, exclusions, and exceptions to the exclusions that apply. Everything combines with other policies, closely interacting to cover the risks and the gaps of the exposure. A well-constructed policy, it is, indeed, a beautiful insurance harmony."